Soulfully, Me – Confessions of a College Kid

By: on October 4, 2010

Richmond, VA, October 4th, 2010- Richmond Hip-Hop (by way of Memphis, Tennessee) artist, Soulfully, Me, has recently released his debut, highly-anticipated mixtape: Confessions of a College Kid. Soulfully, Me, has an addicting style not known to many Southern artists.This mixtape is journey a back into the glory days of hip-hop. Infused with melodic hooks, MC driven verses, and the dream of upholding the genre of hip hop that has began to tarnish, Soulfully, Me strives to push the envelope of creativity to new plateaus of musical genius.

While still being in the early stages of his career, Soulfully, Me plans to solidify a spot in the industry for years to come. Confessions of A College Kid is epitomizing the definition of timeless musical creation. Soulfully, Me crafted this mixtape to be a intricate body of work to give people an insight to the thoughts, emotions, and feelings of a normal college kid. With no further adieu, Soulfully, Me presents Confessions of A College Kid in hopes that the music will be the breath of fresh air that the musical industry so desperately needs.

Download Confessions of a College Kid here