Look Twice Horror Short Film Poster

By: on May 18, 2018
Look Twice Horror Short Film Poster

Look Twice Horror Short Film

Check out the poster artwork for LOOK TWICE horror short film. Aside from designing the poster, I also created, co-wrote and executive produced the film.

What is the Film About?

A night surveillance security guard who spots a trespasser on the property; then regrets grabbing their attention once he realizes the intruder is paranormal.

Look Twice Horror Short Film Poster Design

When thinking about ideas for the poster design, I thought about a couple of factors. The first thing was having the poster look like it belonged when placed next to other movie posters. I wanted it to have that official movie look. The second thing was wanting the poster to capture the suspense from the film. Genuine suspense is built off of what is unknown.

So, I thought why not take reference from a scene in the film when Darren is looking off-screen in terror at something we (the audience) can’t see. That creates a lot of questions and wanting to know those unknown answers is where the interest comes from. Therefore also creating suspense.

I started working in Abobe Illustrator to draw the main part of the poster. Then I used Adobe Photoshop to create the background. After that, I set the typography and overall layout in Abobe InDesign. I really enjoy when I can use the strengths of multiple programs to make one design.

Stay Informed

We are currently submitting this short film to festivals and finishing the feature-length screenplay. Information about festival screenings will be provided on the film’s website when available.

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